Commercial window films

Are you looking for ways to save energy costs and increase the safety and comfort of the people who work or live in your building? Ultra Vision Films has helped building owners and property managers all over save on energy costs and improve the safety and security of their property. Owners, customers, employees, and tenants all benefit from window films from Ultra Vision Films.

Commercial window films can:

  • Lower heating and cooling costs
  • Increase occupant comfort
  • Protect interior surfaces such as floors and walls from fading
  • Protect furniture, drapes and artwork from fading
  • Enhance the beauty of any property
  • Increase safety and security
  • Are available in many shades and colours
  • Are backed by a strong manufacturer’s warranty

Sun Control

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Our sun control window films will reduce glare by 90%. Looking for an easy way to save on cooling and heating costs? Our sun control window films cut down infrared heat (IR) heat by up to 70%, which in turn can reduce your air conditioning costs by up to 30%.
They also decrease and slow the damage caused by UV rays. Ultra Vision films reduce up to 99% of UV rays that cause fading and other damage to floors, carpets, wood, drapes, furnishings, paintings and wall coverings…all while allowing you to keep the beauty and enjoyment of the best that windows have to offer: sunlight, moonlight, and a great view.


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Windows can shatter on impact from damaging storms, accidents or attacks from intruders. Window films from Ultra Vision will hold glass together and reduce both personal injuries and property damage. Window films provide 24-hour window protection and are ideal for commercial, industrial and institutional window installations.
Window films help to reduce and prevent injury and destruction by holding glass shards and fragments together. No more flying glass, no more falling glass that can damage property and people. Plus, window films will hold all the pieces together to reduce further damage from the weather until the glass can be replaced.
Ultra Vision Safety films can meet all of your needs for your commercial and retail buildings. Our window films help protect key public buildings and institutions such as schools, hospitals, clinics and care facilities.
Ultra Vision Safety films are shatter resistant. Your windows are stronger and they will hinder and slow a thief’s smash and grab robbery attempt. Window films can reduce and minimize the damage that vandals may leave behind from acid, paint and graffiti.


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Does your office feel like a fish bowl? Decorative window films are a great solution to control the view but allow the natural light through your windows. Ultra Vision films can provide custom designs to decorate your office windows while adding a function of privacy.